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Every week we are sending people to Costa Rica. Give us a call or email to find out why we are #1

We both fell in love with all the Costa Ricans! Thank you for recommending this way to save on dental, our dentists were excellent. It was painless and we enjoyed our sightseeing trips.


Paul & Carol
Chicago, IL


Welcome to Costa Rican Dental Care!

Costa Rican Dental Care works with internationally accredited dental clinics in Costa Rica to bring you some of the best providers that Costa Rica has to offer.  Our clinics can save you as much as 70% over the established dental prices in the U.S. because of lower operating costs. CRDC does not mark up prices, as some others facilitators do. The price we give you is the same as  if you contacted the dentist direct.

Many dental crowns, veneers, and bridges ordered by dentists in the United States, are made in Costa Rica Dental Laboratories, and Fed Ex back to the U.S. Dental office for fitting.  One dental lab in Costa Rica does work for over 500 dentists located in the United States and sends back over 800 units per week.

Why Use Costa Rican Dental Care?

Costa Rican Dental Care provides a "concierge" medical tourism experience.  Our "Team" on the ground in Costa Rica have been servicing the Costa Rican medical tourist industry for over 10 years.


  • Written quotation detailing the services to be performed
  • The price we give you is the same as  if you contacted the dentist direct.
  • Coordination between patient and provider
  • Arrangement for hotel, recovery facility (if indicated) and transportation services
  • Special airport pick-up service
  • Hospital concierge (if service includes hospital testing/procedures) to accompany you to appointments and ensure your understanding of procedures and tests
  • Discounts on tours, hotels, travel, restaurants
  • Our Exclusive "Costa Rican Tips" guide book


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